Creamy Choclate cakey sweet dish

  • ​cocoa powder  (6 tbsp)
  • all purpose flour (12 tbsp)
  • suger (4 tbsp)
  • eggs / milk(if vegeterian)
  • butter  (50 gm)
  • baking soda (2 tsp)
  • cream
  • melted dark chocolate
  • chocolate sauce
Cooking steps:
  • ​​In a bowl, beat 4 eggs. If you are vegeterian, skip this step.
  • Now add melted butter and beat the mixture.
  • Pour the suger in the mixture. For Vegeterians, add the milk. 1 and half cup will be enough.
  • Add the melted dark chocolate and mix the mixture thoroughly
  • Add cocoa powder, baking soda and flour to the mixture
    Tip: you can mix it before and pass it through the net filter (I don’t know the exact terminlogy. I hope you guys can understand) to get a more refined powdered mixture.
  • Mix everything and make a semi thick batter. You can add choco chips to make it more yummy.
  • Pre heat the oven at around 250 degree celcius for about 10 minutes.
  • Apply little butter or oil on your baking pan and pour the batter.
  • Bake it for 25-30 mins.
  • After it is ready and cooled, take the cake out on the utensil where you want to serve. Pour milk till it barely covers the cake and leave it for few minutes
  • Once the cake soaks all the milk, pour the cream over the cake.
  •  After covering the whole dish with cream, garnish it with chocolate sauce.
    Tip: you can use fruits, choco chips, sprinkles or anything you love for garnishing.

That’s it. Try it and comment if you like.


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