Has this ever happened to you that you were thinking yourself to be someone your whole life and suddenly you wake up one day and realize that you were all wrong? If your answer is yes, this article is for you. And if you are still thinking, well then, this article is definitely for you.
Few days back, a girl came to me for counselling. I was all prepared because I thought it is just another day at work. I need to give some advice and show her the right path. And at the end, I will get paid. She came in with a smile on her face, the kind of smile you give when you are not sure what else you should do. She looked confused. She sat down, I tried making her comfortable and then finally, after 10 minutes, she spoke. She always thought herself as an academician. Her dream was to make a career in academics, but few days back, she started realizing that she doesn’t want it to be her career anymore. She was not sure what she was going through. So, she came to me. She told me that it feels like her whole life till now was a lie and she wasted her time. I, to be honest at first didn’t know what to say. But finally, I understood her and replied. The reply is what I am going to share with you here today.
There can be two reasons for this. Firstly, the way you are approaching with your work at present is not giving you the output you want. And this can be highly demotivating. You might feel like you are not satisfied with your work anymore and you want to change it. Now, if this is the reason, it is a temporary thing. Things will work out eventually. And this is the case with 70% of the lot. You just need to hang in there for a little more. But, if not, and you know it for sure without even a little bit of confusion, then it needs a great deal of courage to accept that everything you did till now is not what you want for yourself. But that doesn’t mean your whole life was a lie and you wasted your time. NO. You enjoyed doing what you did. That was a phase in your life which came to an end. Every phase has its age. Some phases are meant to last long, some are not. That doesn’t conclude anything. Instead, be glad that you were brave enough to accept the change and not just stick to your fake goals because you spent a lot of time chasing it. Priorities change with the course of life and this is something very normal. The moment you accept that, life becomes easy. If you are good at something, and you choose that to be your career, no one can stop you to excel. And always keep in mind, there is no competition, because no one can be you. You need to be who you are, because no one else will.


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