Reserved deserveD

Do all the reserved people need what they get? Do all the deserved people get what they need? The questions may seem a little twisted but these are the questions that should be asked and not make anyone uncomfortable.
The reserved people are said to be the group of historically disadvantaged people of India. And thus, to come out of that disadvantage, reservation came into existence. The idea behind was logical, to create equality and peace. Then what went wrong?? They did not plan on when to stop giving reservation. When to declare that the reserved people have reached equality and they no longer fall in the reserved category.
There are people in remote places who are still disadvantaged, there are people in some places who need reservations BUT there are also people who don’t need it. If a student from the reserved class studying in x university can afford an iPhone or smart phone worth 30-40k, I am pretty sure, they can pay their fees. And even the difference in cut off marks during admissions. If they go to the same college, attend classes of the same professors, and then getting very low marks, it is because they are not trying. It has nothing to do with backward class. And why will they try when they know that they will get admissions without trying. My aunt once told me what can be one of the solutions to this problem. I agree with her and I am sharing it with you guys:
Every disadvantaged groups’ first generation should be provided with all the reservation possible. To uplift them, to help them grow and make them equal. So now, that generation will get help financially, academically, economically, basically everything. Once the second generation of that group comes, they will be financially good enough and academically sound. But, people may need one more generation to build up themselves economically. So, the second generation should be provided with the economic reservations only. And from the third generation, they should no longer be given any kind of special reservation.
This may be one way out of this system. Else, on the process of removing one disadvantaged group, they are creating another one. And on the name of creating equality, they are creating inequality. And as a result of that, India is and will remain only a developing country, because this is the only place, where people fight to belong to a backward class. And calculating all the privileges of a backward class, why not?
Every person belonging to the reserved group just because of their surname does not need reservations. And every person, not belonging to the reserved group because of their surname may need a reservation.


Do You Love Cooking??

“Do you love cooking? Why not apply control system in that process then?”, this was my question in my first viva in after a series of other questions I couldn’t answer accurately.  Yes, I am a student, specialization being control engineering. Yes, I am another jobless engineer from the group of thousands, or rather lakhs of engineers in India.

After coming for my master degree, I realized that I got my engineering degree for just fooling a few people with my twisted answers in the bachelors. I didn’t deserved it. I couldn’t even answer basic questions of my subject which lead me to think, why so many engineers are jobless or sitting in a call center or doing a job that is not even remotely related to engineering in India. It is like people are doing engineering just for the sake of the degree and not motivation or interest in it. And that is sad.

Anyways, I got lucky to meet this professor of mine, who made me realize that the knowledge you gathered is not restricted to a specific domain. You can expand your domain in all direction, go for interdisciplinary work and explore. You can bring your knowledge and your hobby together to create something new or as my sir says, “have wild ideas and try implementing them. you will not get a chance, once you go out of the academic world.”  He is the kind of teacher who can highly motivate you and give you a flavor of the real world and how it is functioning in the present time from the perspective of your subject. He is the kind of professor who will scold you from A to Z, but when you sit back and think, you will realize that you well deserved that scolding. And he is also the kind of teacher who will appreciate you but you have to earn it. And yet again, I got lucky that he chose me to be his student.

I love cooking and I can say that I cook pretty good. And that’s a feedback from the people who have tasted my food. So when my professor said, why don’t you apply control system in cooking, I got excited. “Why don’t you go and search the net and come to me if you are interested. That could be your final year project”, was his last line in the viva. I was so excited with the idea that I took out my phone and started searching for some papers of such kind right outside my viva room. My bachelor degree project was a boring case study type of work. Nothing innovative, nothing new. So, I was more than happy. I even started thinking for different ideas for my project and I was just in the first semester. Project will be starting from the second year. The very next day, I went to sir to talk about it. I told him what I found, he gave me a lot more ideas and I started downloading papers, attending workshops that was related to my topic. He was also there constantly encouraging me to move forward with the topic.  And here I am, at the end of my first year. I will be working on it from the next session and I am eagerly looking forward to work under the guidance of my professor. I hope I will be successful in achieving what I am aiming for.